Miccichè in front row at Mpa convention, Lombardo to Schifani: “Only what is decided in Rome is done here”

Gianfranco Miccichè, former leader of Forza Italia in Sicily, attended a convention organized by the Mpa party in Palermo. The convention was also an opportunity to send clear messages to the current President of the Region, Renato Schifani, and his supporting majority. Raffaele Lombardo, leader of the Mpa, criticized the current state of autonomy in Sicily, stating that there is a prevailing reference to national parties rather than a focus on the autonomy and pride of the Sicilian people. Lombardo also expressed concerns about the healthcare system in Sicily, emphasizing the need to prioritize public healthcare over private options. Furthermore, Lombardo dismissed the relevance of the political figures who were prominent in the 1990s, stating that a new phase has begun.

Alla convention Mpa Miccichè in prima fila, Lombardo a Schifani: «Qui si fa solo ciò che viene deciso a Roma»

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