Miccichè convenes the Chamber to discuss the emergency with the government

Editorial staff 15 September 2021 17:46

Share The fire emergency finally arrives at Ars. Requested by numerous political forces as early as August, the extraordinary session of the regional parliament could not be held due to the technological modernization work that took place during the summer in the Sala d’Ercole. Now, the president Gianfranco Micciché, in agreement with the councilor for the Territory and Environment, Toto Cordaro, has called the Chamber for tomorrow, Thursday 16 September, at 11, to address the discussion on the fires that this summer have devastated several areas of Sicily, such as the Madonie area, in the Palermo area, creating considerable damage to businesses and families. Thus ended the first session of the Sicilian Regional Assembly after the summer holidays. A session that lasted just over an hour in which the priority, according to President Miccichè himself, was the approval by the deputies of the provision with which the Musumeci junta authorized Sicilian local authorities in economic and financial difficulties to postpone the deadline for the approval of the financial years. “This is an opinion awaited by hundreds of municipalities throughout the island”, the president specified in the classroom, referring to the difficulty of many failing and pre-failing local authorities to close their budgets by 31 July. There are also two texts that will be discussed next week, after the deadline for the presentation of the amendments: the report for 2019 of the Sicilian Region, ready after the contested judgment of equalization by the Court of Auditors, and the draft law on forestry, with extension of the working days for an expense of 1.5 million, as specified by the president of the Budget Commission of Palazzo dei Normanni, Riccardo Savona. Urgent discussion on personal hygiene services for students with disabilities has been requested by some Members. “Despite the financial efforts to find the resources to guarantee them, here we go again. The school year starts again in chaos for hundreds of disabled students from secondary schools who now have to come across a frightening bureaucracy”, said the deputy Lega Nord player Vincenzo Figuccia. On the same topic also the party colleague Marianna Caronia and the president of the UDC group, Eleonora Lo Curto. that the councilor for the Family and Social Policies, Antonio Scavone, will not be able to be present as he suffered the grave mourning of the loss of his mother.

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