Metalworkers strike, worker hit by a car ends up in hospital | BlogSicily

  • Accident in front of the Isab concierge in Priolo
  • There was a national metalworkers strike underway
  • A related worker was hit by a car
  • He ended up in the ER
  • He sustained injuries but was discharged

An induced worker who this morning, together with other colleagues, was participating in the national metalworkers strike called by CGIL, CISL and UIL in front of the entrance to the Priolo Isab refinery ended up in the emergency room of the Umberto I hospital in Syracuse.

Run over by a car

The man, as reported by the AGI, was accidentally run over by a car, driving an employee of the plant. There were moments of great apprehension, the worker suffered minor injuries and was discharged, as revealed by the provincial secretary of Fiom Cgil, Antonio Recano.

The protest

The event, organized by Fiom Cgil, Fim Cisl and Uilm Uil, has as its main theme the precariousness of work resulting from the fragmentation of contracts between large companies and related companies which, according to the trade unions, have reduced rights and remuneration of workers and collective bargaining. The secretary of Fiom CGIL, Antonio Recano also admitted that at the demonstration this morning there was a low participation of direct workers. It must be said that the strike concerned only the workers in the related industries, but it feels like their colleagues have not shown sensitivity on the matter.

The oil engine of the Syracusan economy

In Syracuse, the industrial area represents the beating heart of the economy, accounting for about 60 percent of the local GDP, other than tourism, so the concerns, linked to a possible reduction in investments by Lukoil, the Russian giant of oil refining, are concrete. The risk of a domino effect is high, after all the refining for the Syracusano is what Fiat was for Termini Imerese.

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