Messina Weather: sirocco, warmer air and lots of dust, peaks over + 26 ° C on the Tyrrhenian islands – Tempo Stretto

One step away from the first + 30 ° C of the season along the Tyrrhenian coasts in the coming days

The sirocco blows again on the shores of the Strait of Messina, in a moderate way. The salient element of this week will be represented precisely by the breath of the African winds, which on several occasions will overlook the Messina area, at times expiring locally in an intense manner, especially along the Tyrrhenian coast, from Mortelle to the Barcelona area, due to the amplification orographic induced by the narrow valleys of the Peloritani (by effect “Channeling” is “venturi”) That channel the strong gusts up to the Tyrrhenian coast. Therefore already tonight, and in the early morning hours of tomorrow, strong gusts of sirocco and ostro, will lash the Tyrrhenian coast of Messina, with peaks even beyond the 60-70 km / h. Then the sirocco, after a 24-hour break, will return on the day of Thursday 29 is Friday 30 April, expiring above all on the Strait and along the Tyrrhenian coasts, where, due to the “favonic” effect of the gusts of fall, the thermometers could cross the + 25 ° C + 26 ° C. While on the Ionian coasts and the Strait the + 19 ° C + 20 ° C, due to the breath of southern ventilation coming from the Ionian, still cold on the surface.

Even though the atmosphere is basically stable elair carried by the sirocco will be decidedly warmer (continental subtropical air), compared to the much wetter air masses pushed by the sirocco last week, during the week there will be no lack of cloudy passages, of high and stratified clouds rising from the Algerian and Libyan deserts. In addition to the clouds we will also have a lot suspended dust, coming from the area of ​​the great “eastern ergs” (Algerian sandy desert), which will merely veil the sky, giving the sun that pale aspect. However, the lack of rainfall will prevent dust deposits on the ground, while rains mixed with desert dust should be seen in the coming days over northern regions and central-eastern Europe.

The large concentrations of dust from the Sahara are expected over the next few days over the Mediterranean

The day of tomorrow, Tuesday 27 April, will be characterized by veiled skies due to the presence of suspended desert dust, while in the lower layers the sirocco will blow, in the early morning still with sustained gusts on the Tyrrhenian coast of Messina. Over the course of the day the wind will diminish, turning from the North and N-NW in the afternoon, with gusts also tense inside the Strait. Mari recently moved the Tyrrhenian coast, the remaining seas moved. Tomorrow’s maxim on the capital will slightly exceed i + 20 ° C, while on the Tyrrhenian coasts, in the morning, before the end of the sirocco, values ​​of over can be recorded + 24 ° C + 25 ° C. If the weather is mild during the day, during the evening hours and in the early morning it will still be chilly, with minimums of + 14 ° C + 15 ° C at sea level.

The warm air rising towards Sicily on Thursday

Wednesday 28th April it will be another day characterized by slightly cloudy or partially cloudy skies, or veiled, with some extra thickening between Nebrodi and Peloritani. By evening the celestial vault will be cleared of the desert dust. Maximum temperatures will exceed +19 ° C + 20 ° C in broad daylight, while the lows will rise + 14 ° C. Weak northerly winds, tending to rotate from the southern quadrants in the evening. Seas a little moved, the Tyrrhenian Sea almost calm. Thursday 29th April the sirocco will return to blow on the Messina area, with gusts at times strong in the evening on the Tyrrhenian side, from the villages of the extreme north of Messina to the Milazzese and the Gulf of Patti. The gusts from S-SE downhill from the Peloritani, heating up by about + 1 ° C every 100 meters, risk making the thermometers splash over the threshold of + 25 ° C + 26 ° C in many places on the Tyrrhenian side. While Friday 30, if there are no major forecast changes (confirmation is required), the former could be approached + 30 ° C in season on some towns on the Tyrrhenian side.

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