Messina, wanted properties for the second Palace of Justice

An expression of interest from the Municipality to identify suitable structures and areas for the new plant: the first step to respond to operators who have been forced to work in inadequate premises for years

MESSINA – Areas or buildings sought for the second Palace of Justice. We start again from the manifestation of interests, on which the Technical Services department of the Municipality seems to be working, to give an answer to the operators who for some time have been forced, at the Court of Messina, to carry out their daily activities in inappropriate premises and in conditions of absolute insecurity.

In 1995 the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti granted 17 million euros to build a new building or adapt an existing one for judicial and thus lightening not only the central complex but bringing together all those branch offices that cost the State 1.2 million euros a year in rent payable. Some of these offices do not even meet the minimum safety standards, both structural and logistic. In the absolute darkness of the story, the only glimmer in recent months has been the possibility of using some of the INPS premises.

In February 2017 the memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministries of Justice and Defense, the State Property Agency and the Municipality of Messina with which it was established that it would be the area of ​​the Scagliosi Barracks, seat of the former military hospital, to give a solution to the overcrowding of Palazzo Piacentini. After decades of fruitless discussions about the headquarters, this seemed to be the solution that would allow the available funding to be used.

That protocol had lasted four years, time wasted in questioning everything and coming up with other hypotheses like the one made by the mayor Cateno De Luca of the nine-storey building to be built in via La Farina in place of the two-level parking lot. Other technical discussions were opened and it was also discovered that for the entire project to reconvert the Barracks, those 17 million were no longer enough, as long as they are still available, but how much exactly was never known. Agreement therefore expired, according to Palagiustizia for the moment filed and problems of the judicial offices that can only worsen. Salvatore Mondello municipal councilor for public works has now given a mandate to start a new manifestation of interest which means restarting a path that seemed to have been traced in 2017.

The change of administration in the meantime, from Accorinti to De Luca, has played a role, because the new mayor had always been skeptical on the hypothesis “Palagiustizia in place of the Barracks” but the failure of that agreement, he recently pointed out Mondello, certainly does not arise from the inaction of the Administration.

“Last May – explained Mondello – the City Council with Resolution acknowledged that no assent was received to the proposal formulated by the Administration (the building in via La Farina) by the Ministerial Bodies and that the Memorandum of Understanding is expired on 8 February, without the planned activities having been carried out “.

Mondello retraces the stages of the failure of the agreement signed in 2017.

“During the technical table of June 2019 at the Ministry of Justice – he added – it became clear that the Protocol presented critical issues and therefore could not work from a technical, economic, temporal and practical point of view. For this reason, despite having the dindaco withdrew the alternative proposal, the Undersecretaries of Defense and Justice have decided to evaluate it and have updated the table to 30 September 2019. The change of government postponed everything to January 16, 2020 when the deadlock condition was clarified and the commitment was obtained to clearly define the situation, also by the State Property Agency, which should have carried out the design but the Agency’s response was that the only one who could provide information on the state of the proceedings was the Ministry of Justice ”.

“Further confirmation of the disengagement by the signatories of the Protocol can be found in the notes of the Ministry of Defense of January 30, 2020 and June 23, 2020 – concluded Mondello – confirming the Army’s unwillingness to transfer its hospital to other office “.