Messina, vaccine shock thanks to the fifties

The opening to the fifties, even if for now only the frail, has given a jolt to vaccinations in the Messina area. On Friday the record of administration in a single day was adjusted. There were 4,596 in the whole province. A surge that represents a significant change of course in a week with “calm” numbers and which had stood at around 3000 doses. To support the growth of vaccinations certainly the enrollment of those born before the end of 1971 and who, taking advantage of the open day, have the opportunity to show up without a reservation in vaccination centers if they have a disease that makes them unsuitable for the AstraZeneca vaccine. And saw that even certified hypertension can give the green light to the administration of serums with messenger “Rna”, here the frail fifties who took the opportunity were many. It should be remembered that the others, those who do not have any pathology that makes them unsuitable for AstraZeneca, will be able to start vaccinating from 13 May. In the meantime, they can book on the national platform developed by Poste Italiane.

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