Messina: two cars on fire in Bisconte, the Fire Brigade intervenes

9 May 2021 10:34

Messina, the Fire Brigade managed to extinguish the hoarse with the use of the foaming liquid

Today, shortly after six o’clock, the Fire Brigade of the Command of Messina spoke for a fire of two cars in via powder magazine of the neighborhood Bisconte of Messina. The 1A team of the central office intervened promptly with the tank fire engine and with a pick-up with fire-fighting module, managing to reach and extinguish the fire with the use of the foaming liquid. The causes are under investigation. The fire also affected a third car which suffered radiation damage. After securing and clearing the area involved, the fire brigade returned to headquarters at around 8 am. A police patrol was also on site.

Messina, the images of the Fire Brigade extinguishing the flames [VIDEO]

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