Messina, there is The majority prize catchphrase. Here’s what’s in the report

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The catchphrase of these days – majority premium yes, majority premium no – it will not run out in a few hours, this is now clear.
But beyond the ears on the part of the individual list representatives, careful to detect any errors or discrepancies in the reading of preferences section by section, in the corridors of Palazzo Zanca nothing else is talked about, especially around the council chamber, “Home” of the central electoral office, chaired by the magistrate Corrado Bonanzinga.
And now the wait is all about understanding what will be written in the key document of this long phase: the report of the operations of the central office.
And that is the document that, one step after another, is compiled by the president himself to record every step: from the first, the establishment of the office, to the last, the thirty-fifth, the closure and signature.
We sifted through the most recent report compiled in a municipality in the Messina area with more than 15,000 inhabitants, that of Milazzo (in 2020), to get into the maze of a procedure that is certainly technical, certainly full of bureaucracy, but it is equally decisive for arriving to the answer that everyone is looking for: will the majority prize for the coalition in support of Federico Basile be triggered? In those 35 points of the report there is everything that needs to be written down.
The first points concern the determination of the valid votes reported by the candidates for the office of mayor, therefore of the ranking, the majority of valid votes and the proclamation of the mayor (and up to this point, the proclamation has already taken place).
Then we move on to the lists, to the «determination of the electoral figure of a list or group of linked lists» and to the «verification of the requirement for admission of the lists to the allocation of seats» (the famous 5% barrier).
These are also steps that have already taken place.
Then we go to preferences, the distribution of seats and the two “critical” points, paragraph 17 (“Lack of conditions for the allocation of 60% of the seats”) and paragraph 20 (“allocation of 60% of the seats of the council”).
In paragraph 17 explicit reference is made, as the threshold to be reached in order to obtain the majority bonus (ie 60% of the seats), to 40% “of the valid votes reported by all lists or groups of lists in all sections of the municipality” , as reported in paragraph 10.
Paragraph 10 which lists all the valid votes obtained by all the lists, even those that have not reached 5%.
And this, according to those who argue that the majority prize will not be awarded, the fundamental element.
In paragraph 20, in which it is recalled that “the majority bonus is awarded only if the list or lists have obtained at least 40% of the valid votes”, there is no reference to paragraph 10.
And the doubt comes back: the valid votes are “all”, therefore also those obtained by the lists that have not reached the barrier, or not? The knot will be untied by President Bonanzinga.
And he will put it in writing in the “truth” report.


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