Messina, the meeting between Mega and Morelli. Focus on cruising and commuting – Tight Time

The goal is to improve services on the Strait

Before meeting the presidents of the Sicily and Calabria regions, yesterday the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Alessandro Morelli, met the president of the Messina Strait Port System Authority, Mario Mega.

Apart from the bridge over the Strait, Mega illustrated the ongoing projects, starting with those to improve the connection between the two banks, such as the renovation of the maritime station in Villa San Giovanni.


Then focus on cruising. “I asked the deputy minister – said Mega – to intervene on his government colleagues to eliminate a major criticality that is manifesting itself in recent days as a result of a provision of the Central Directorate of the Border Police dating back to November last year that prevents cruise ship passengers making excursions to cities in regions in the orange zone such as Sicily in recent weeks. I believe that the picture of the spread of the contagion today is very different from that of last autumn and the general widespread resumption of all activities, in addition to the start of the vaccination campaign and the strengthening of safety protocols, makes it difficult to believe that it is only acceptable. cruise passengers, among other things subject to constant checks both before departure and during the journey, to have to undergo these limitations. All the players in this sector, we in the lead, are making important efforts to restart the economy connected to it and preventing excursions means decreasing the appeal of a port and seeing job opportunities for employees and traders in our cities fade. for many months in compulsory detention “.

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