Messina, the curtain rises on the Cortile Teatro Festival

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Eight shows to begin with, from 11 July to 1 August, and then a second part to be revealed later, which promises to be extremely interesting.
Even the eleventh edition of the “Cortile Teatro Festival”, scheduled in Messina with several locations, is announced with many novelties, because it opens up decisively to different artistic languages.
Hence the subtitle “Form and substance”.
The first appointment will be on 11 July, in the courtyard of Palazzo Calapaj-D’Alcontres (next to the Duomo) with “Shots”, presented by Mezzaria Teatro di Catania, by and with Francesco Bernava and Alice Sgroi.

This year’s formula includes a whole series of diversifications: “In addition to theater – explains the artistic director Roberto Zorn Bonaventura – dance will be very present, there will be urban performative interventions, sound installations, we will also see contemporary circus shows and there will be a section of children’s theater.
We will also work in collaboration with other realities: the “Teatri Riflessi” theater short festival in Catania, with which we will award the Cortile Teatro Festival Award (staged on July 12), and the Tindari Festival of Tindaro Granata with the Palazzi Award which will see on stage, in Tindari, local realities that have asserted themselves in the national field ».
All this, of course, has a specific purpose: “This variety of colors – underlines Bonaventura – serves us to underline the decisive and decisive role of art in historical moments such as the one we are going through, in which the crisis threatens to be stronger than any man, in which negativity seems to be the only energy to find us, in which there seems to be no trace of freedom.
We therefore insist, with our way, on our territory and on our places, trying to bring stories to reflect on and from which we can start again to move better in this tangled skein.
Stories linked by a single thread, that of the artist who moves them.
The artist then: it is to him that we entrust this festival, always hoping that “he does not want to buy or be bought” ».

As always, ample space will be dedicated to the forces of the territory, those often neglected by the entities operating in Messina, and which instead are a rich example of quality.
So much so that, not surprisingly, they are welcomed in all Italian festivals and theaters.

The Cortile Teatro Festival was born from an idea of ​​Roberto ZornBonaventura and Giuseppe Giamboi.
The Castello di SancioPanza organizes the Festival with the collaboration of the restaurant ‘A Cucchiara, Nutrimenti Terrestri, Multisala Iris, Lido Horcynus Orca and with the support of Latitudes, a Sicilian dramaturgy network, and Caronte-Tourist.
Confirmation of ministerial and municipal funding is pending.
The Festival adheres to Arcipelago, the Sicilian Festival network.

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