Messina, the alphabet of administrative 2022 A as an alibi, shut up all …

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A for an alibi

They will all fall, of course.
For the municipal administration, first of all.
After such an overwhelming, unexpected victory, yet scientifically prepared, studied at the table and played in the squares (the so-called “salons” of politics are no longer there, the “button rooms” no longer determine anything, on the contrary they are counterproductive …) , God forbid the Basile council would find justifications for what should not go on in the next five years.
There will be no more “flying donkeys” on which to place the blame for everything.
But the alibis of the “losers”, center-left and center-right, also fall.
They have done nothing, in these four years, other than “deceive themselves”, more than the original De Luca, they chased him in his field and took blows, they ridiculed him as a villager and goat of Nisi and people gathered around him , they demonized him for insults to ministers and presidents and, then, often, they let it be (or even just seem to be …) he alone to defend Messina’s interests.
Now begins, for the opposition, a long crossing in the desert, but on this we refer to …

B like Basile, of course

This fresh 45-year-old, as tall as Kobe Bryant and as thin as a breadstick, was liked by many Messina voters precisely because he has a character exactly opposite to that of his “leader”.
And De Luca called him “the best part of me”.
There are all the conditions to go down in history as a good mayor, it is up to him now to prove it on the field.

C for Cross

It would be ungenerous, and very simplistic, to attribute the responsibility for the defeat of the Center-right to him.
The causes come from afar.
The leading parties of the coalition, FdI and Lega-Prima Italy, split, the Genovese family and Beppe Picciolo dictated the law at the table of the Administrations.
The choice of a “technician”, like Croce, did not pay off.
He played the electoral campaign as he could, and he knew he had to complete a handicap race, also because, despite being authentically Messina, he had lived and worked outside the city for decades.
Now he has decided to stay in the Council, at least for a while.
He will be one of the points of reference of the small opposition in the Chamber.

D as De Domenico

Also in this case one could personalize the defeat of an entire line-up and affirm that he was not the right person, in the right place, at the right time.
The Messina center-left comes out with broken bones, not so much in numbers, but because it has confirmed that it has as many presumed leaders, as there are national and regional deputies of the Pd and M5S (and today also former 5Stelle), and an increasingly reduced base, less and less convinced.
The movement of the many notes and press releases does not take root, the Accorintian experience seems almost prehistoric (and, in any case, that council was openly “non-partisan” and not of the left), the few intellectuals of the city Left, those who enjoy themselves in blog to mock the people of Messina, starving and ignorant, who vote for De Luca and the Deluchians, continue to live in invisible ivory towers, happy with their arrogant isolation.
The only real center-left council in Messina was that of Franco Providenti, 1994-98, then it was a move from Francantonio Genovese to the “university party”, Saitta, then Navarra-De Domenico, buildings built in height, without ..
the base.
And it is no coincidence that one of the few truly “left” exponents, the talented Alessandro Russo, remains out of the Council.

And like elections

We would like to spread a merciful veil.
In which city of a normal democratic republic do the things happen that have happened here, on the shores of the Strait.
The municipal council will take office, in fact, on the same days in which the councils take office in the cities where the ballot took place.
It’s ridiculous.
But only here in Messina do the presidents make so many and such mistakes that they have to force a talented, and very patient, magistrate such as Corrado Bonanzinga, to spend more than two weeks recounting everything, list by list, preference by preference? Obviously yes.

F like Facebook

It is said that social networks determine everything, that politics lives only in social networks, that social networks decide elections.
It seems to us that an inverse process is taking place, perhaps still slow, but which in the end will bring politics back to the squares, to the village bars, to the neighborhood sections, to the popular districts.
And on social media there will be who sings it and plays it …

G like Germanà

He gambled, the Northern League deputy.
He was cornered, if he made a mistake he would have burned his political career.
And instead, Nino, after having had weeks of very hard verbal clashes with Cateno De Luca, put a stone on it, made the agreement and Prima Italia, in addition to contributing to Basile’s success, was also decisive for the so clear defeat of the Center-right.
He won too, there is no doubt.

HI like Hub or I like I-Hub

It was talked about throughout the election campaign.
Basile and his council consider it one of the great projects capable of affecting the future of the city, the creation of the technological innovation pole, which is also an opportunity for urban regeneration in the area of ​​the port curtain.
The opponents have taken him as a model of what would be the non-real “narrative”, however emphasized, of the things done or started by De Luca and by him.
Meanwhile, councilor Previti announced that on September 20 the first integrated contract worth 36 million euros is going to tender …
We’ll see.
L like work.
Another crucial theme, which has characterized these weeks.
There will soon be an important test for the Basile Council: translating into concrete acts the commitment that the mayor has made, and continues to reiterate, on the plan of a thousand new hires between the Municipality and investee companies.
M as a majority.
We could use the B, in this case, as “Bulgarian”.
And it binds to the A of “alibi”.
But a mayor who wins in the first round, and who leads his opponents by twenty points, deserves to have a large majority who now supports him in carrying out his programs.
To those who are scandalized, we would like to mention only the very recent case of the elections in Verona.
Last Sunday, in the ballot, the former Roma player, Damiano Tommasi, progressive, feel-good, altruistic and sympathetic, won.
Well, he’ll have 22 out of 32 councilors on his side.
It is democracy.
It is valid in Verona, it is valid in Messina, it is valid for Tommasi, it is valid for Basile.

N like nothing or nobody

No seats on lists and political forces that had very different aims and ambitions.
The symbol of the hottest defeat is the M5S or what remains of the 5Stelle.
The great result, for example, of the former vice president of the city council, Nino Interdonato, who, with more than a thousand votes, remained out, because the UDC-Sicilia Futura list did not exceed 5%, is a mockery.
And extremely disappointing is also the result of the formations in support of Salvatore Totaro, which the polls credited with much higher percentages.

Or as an obsession

De Luca’s obsession with certain of his targets.
The obsession of others against De Luca.
Let’s hope this all ends.
In politics, one wins or loses, one guesses or gets it wrong, one attacks and defends oneself, but when one falls into obsession, it becomes just a pathological politics.

P as Prime Minister

At this point, it will obviously be Cateno De Luca, at least until he resigns to try to become the “mayor of the Sicilians”.
And De Luca knows very well that the figure of the president of the elective assembly must be “super partes”.
Now he will have to prove that he is.

Q as a quorum

That of 5% for lists that have exceeded the threshold.
And the double one relating to the Montemare Referendum.
It has been discussed a lot, democracy is this, in the end the rules must be accepted.

R for Referendum

We will never want to go back.
Montemare is like it was just a seasonal storm, which soon dissolved.
However, the very serious issues of administrative decentralization and implementation tools remain on the table.

S like Sturniolo

It could also be S as defeated.
And in this ranking, there is also him, the former councilor and activist of Messina in the Municipality.
To which, however, the coherence of solitary battles and testimony must be recognized.
He has ideas, unlike others, even when he doesn’t share them at all.

T for desert crossing

Basile’s mandate, you will see, could even last ten years.
And, therefore, whoever will be in opposition will have to equip themselves for a long journey of reconstruction and re-appropriation of identity.
In Messina nothing remains but the rubble of the two coalitions, center-right and center-left.
Sweetening post-vote analyzes would be an even worse mistake than the one made in previous years and months.
It is above all a question of credibility.
It is not possible, because it is lost, to disappear for five years and reappear at the time of the next elections.
The people of Messina know who is rooted in the territory and who is not.
And elections, like it or not, are an inflexible judge.

U like urgent

These are some of the answers that the council and council will have to give to the city.
And the first, as noted by Basile himself, is the definition, once and for all, of the process relating to the rebalancing plan and the exit of the Municipality of Messina from its pre-instability state.

V for victory 11

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the electoral success of the De Luca-Basile duo will remain in Messina history as a “royal flush” in poker, the risky bet that was realized, in all respects, as the former mayor had calculated at moment in which he decided to resign.
Nothing else to add.

Z how to shut up everyone, one might say

Instead, no.
Winning in elections does not mean putting a damper on and establishing a regime.
Messina expects a lot from this administration and has given it great confidence.
Never before have the conditions to change the fate of the city exist.
Never before will there be a need for democracy and transparency.
Know it, Basile and him.


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