Messina, seized an illegal landfill of over 7 thousand square meters in Castelmola

MESSINA. The Financiers of the Provincial Command of Messina have seized an area of ​​over 7000 square meters in the territory of Castelmola (ME), a small town overlooking Taormina, used as an illegal waste dump.

In this context, the Fiamme Gialle of the Company of Taormina, as a result of targeted inspection activities, connected to the intensification of the economic control of the territory, have identified and seized a large area, moreover located in the immediate vicinity of cultivated agricultural land. , located in Castelmola (ME), illegally used as an illegal landfill.

The area, of about 7000 square meters, owned by DC, 70 years old from Castelmola (ME), has been used in recent years as a structured place for the accumulation and storage of various types of waste. In particular, the reconnaissance of the site, carried out by the military of Taormina, made it possible to document the accumulation of considerable quantities of special waste of various kinds.

In detail, in order to conceal the illegal activity and make it more complicated to detect, he ascertained how different embankments had been built, through a caterpillar, moreover found on site and subjected to seizure, actually made up of tons of debris construction material (bricks, concrete, plastic sheaths, bitumen and even eternity): an illegal dumping of waste with a high polluting rate, even more so, as in the present case, if carried out directly in areas close to cultivated areas.

As is known, the illegal abandonment and accumulation of waste allows users to avoid the high costs necessary for the regular disposal within the authorized landfills, disfiguring, at the same time, the territory, as well as with the enormous risk of causing irreparable contamination of the aquifers.

Once the seizure has been validated by the competent Judge of the Messina Court, the competent bodies for the reclamation of the entire area will be involved in the next few days, while the owner of the land has been reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Messina Court as responsible for a serious environmental crime, such as unauthorized waste management.

It is not the first activity that the Public Prosecutor of Messina and the Peloritana Guardia di Finanza put in place to contrast hateful crimes in the field of environmental pollution: in the last 18 months, in fact, in the province of Messina, over 40 violations have been ascertained. , with the denunciation of 66 managers and the seizure of 81 tons of special and hazardous waste, persisting in areas extending over 14 thousand square meters, as well as two purifiers.

Confirming the relevance of the issue, during the hearing at the “Parliamentary inquiry commission on illegal activities connected to the waste cycle and environmental offenses”, Which took place on March 18, 2021, the District Attorney of Messina underlined how the territory of the Province of Messina, characterized by sites of particular beauty, must be strongly protected.

Likewise, the Sicily Regional Commander of the Guardia di Finanza, Gen. D. Riccardo Rapanotti, on the occasion of his hearing before the same important forum, in September 2020, highlighted how often the cost of the environmental crime falls on the shoulders of individual citizens, due to of the consequent and inevitable reverberations also in terms of expenditure for the community.

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