Messina & security report in July on the activities of the Environmental Police department

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Messina – The activity of contrasting illegal waste management by unauthorized subjects and control of the noise emissions of commercial premises by the Municipal Police continues unabated.
The Environmental Police department, led by Commissioner Giovanni Giardina, deputy to the Commander and the inspector coordinators Cosimo Peditto and Giacomo Visalli, closed the circle on an investigation launched in 2021 which had allowed to ascertain the responsibilities of a well-known Messina company operating in the city as part of the waste cycle.

Upon completion of the investigations, the Messina Public Prosecutor ordered the seizure of two areas, five trucks and two work vehicles, all used for this activity; 40,000 square meters of city territory, where demolition waste was delivered in the absence of any title, disguising it as “recycled material”.
Once the land was purchased and two agricultural redevelopment projects were deposited, excess waste was delivered to the point of creating an unprecedented illegal landfill while no trace of the tree species to be planted.
In another case it was ascertained, by means of private video surveillance, the abandonment and combustion, in the first days of July, in the beach adjacent to the San Francesco roadstead, of waste by a person dedicated to this activity; the investigations launched by the agents then made it possible to identify the place, where the subject operated and the conspicuous turnover that the same had organized.

From waste, primarily ferrous scrap, which he managed with several trucks to the management of a commercial space with a lot of food and drink supply as well as household products, all without any authorization and through an illegally built artifact at the service of a complex of social housing in the northern area of ​​the city.
To contribute to the degradation of the locality there were two other subjects, also operating in the context of the illegal waste cycle.
From ferrous scrap, often consisting of WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment), which were dismantled on the spot in disregard of the regulations in force with serious damage to people and the environment due to the gases released into the atmosphere, the subjects have drawn profit, separating the parts in precious material and then reselling it elsewhere.
The remaining part was disposed of by combustion, as ascertained in the first days of July.
The activity ended with the seizure of five trucks, the illegal artifact and the referral to the AG of the person responsible.
Immediately, the subject was placed under arrest by the agents operating for assault and subjected to the rite of the direttissima the following day following the validation of the arrest.
Another investigative activity made it possible to identify those responsible for illegal management to the detriment of the Municipality, ascertaining the conferment of road scarification from a public contract in a private area rather than in a landfill, as per specifications.
The investigation was born from the control activity of the territory which then led the men of the Environmental Police to trace the managers of the contractor company that disposed of about 60.00 cubic meters of waste, treating it as material to be scattered in a parking lot as a floor.
of trampling.
Two people were referred to the AG and the piles of asphalt milled were placed under seizure pending remediation by the managers, after the Public Prosecutor had dissolved the bond and authorized the procedure for disposal.
In the southern area of ​​the city, the person responsible for an illegal occupation of a state-owned area was identified by abandoning a box that was used several years ago as a toilet room for a bathing beach.
Also in this case the artifact will be removed by the person reported.
Also in the southern area, a man was caught red-handed while he disposed of, by combustion, the waste produced by the company for which he worked.
The blanket of black smoke, released by the plastic materials, attracted the attention of the agents who intervened at 6 in the morning, seizing the area and denouncing the worker and the owner of the company.
Two subjects were reported for violation of judicial custody obligations; in fact, the violation and theft of assets subject to seizure were ascertained against them.
The complaint was triggered for the two.
Controls on sound emissions by commercial premises also continue unabated with joint investigations with technical staff of ARPA Sicilia; two persons owning the assets reported and recorded in accordance with art.
10 of law 447/95 for a fine of approximately 2,000 euros.
The activity continues in the evening hours throughout the city.
Once the kiosk in via Palermo was demolished, the same, which was set on fire years ago, had been the subject of trade union orders never carried out by the former manager and holder of the authorizations until last week, when the Messinaservizi Bene Comune, in agreement with the Municipality of Messina, provided for the complete demolition and disposal of debris.
Satisfaction expressed by the Commander of the Corps Stefano Blasco for the activities carried out by the department in the month of July; he personally followed the activities, attending the sites and coordinating the agents.


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