Messina, rebus majority prize at least twelve seats dance

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The solution of the majority prize puzzle is creating anticipation.
After the vote, a real thriller was generated, the ending of which we still cannot glimpse: the fact is that the attention of politics, in these days, is all aimed at the work done at the central electoral office of Palazzo Zanca , where the president Corrado Bonanzinga has decided that the “response” will arrive only after the officialization of the preference votes of the municipal councilors.
So not until the middle of next week (to be optimistic).
The stakes are very high.
Much more than you might think. The most obvious interest, it is obvious, is of those candidates for the city council still in the balance, with one foot inside and one outside Palazzo Zanca.
“Dance” at least twelve names: six councilors of the lists in support of Federico Basile, who without a majority reward would remain outside the municipal council, and as many center-right (four) and center-left (two) who, on the contrary, would not get a seat in city ​​council if the prize was triggered.
The first test would be the one that Cateno De Luca cares about the most: the election of the president of the city council.
The former mayor at this point wants everything: the majority of the classroom and the presidency, to be occupied at least until the autumn when, in the plans of the leader of Sicilia Vera, there should be another, the presidency to be assumed, that of the Region .
With 20 councilors on their side the election of De Luca as president of the city council it would be less of a formality.
If, on the other hand, the numerical majority belonged to the opposition, the first political clash of this mandate would emerge.
Unless, as some are whispering in these days inside and outside the corridors of Palazzo Zanca, some of the elected officials decide to support “the De Luca operation”, without necessarily already passing through the ranks of Sicilia Vera.
The only way to face De Luca’s candidacy, in fact, would be the identification of another pretender to the chair of president.
Which would presuppose an agreement between the center-right and the center-left: anything but taken for granted.


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