Messina Polyclinic, Levita’s mandate expired. He is no longer the medical director

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The Messina Polyclinic has been without a medical director for a few days.
Since, that is, the mandate of Antonino Levita expired who, according to rumors coming from the hospital (and which also find support in universities), will not be reconfirmed.
Last night, on the sidelines of the AIMC congress which is being held these days at the Polyclinic, Levita replied with a joke: “Call me already ex.” And when he spoke at the round table on communication and pandemic, his was a farewell speech, full of thanks.
“It was a mandate – said Levita – important, formative, difficult”.
With reference, above all, to the period of the pandemic: a page of history that has suddenly dragged the whole world between its lines, in particular the health sector.
«It would have been impossible – added Levita – to face this phase if the group that spontaneously generated itself in the healthcare direction had not been created.
But I also think of the crisis unit and all the staff of this company ».

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