Messina mourns Orazio Visalli, the Ray Charles of the Strait: condolences on social media

It went out at the age of 73, after a short illness, Horace Visalli, Mexican pianist, teacher of young musicians. Artists and friends today express their grief over the loss of an important point of reference on social media.

In Messina it was called the “Ray Charles of the Straits” for his smile and for being blind from birth. He had even created a band of his own. Always committed to the forefront to give strength to those who live with disabilities.

“Goodbye Master!!! Thank you for everything you taught me – reads a post by Rosario Altadonna on Visalli’s Facebook profile -. You introduced me to music when I was still a kid, you welcomed me and I frequented your home and your extraordinary family, making me feel part of it, you gave me so much as a Teacher and above all as a friend, you gave me the strength, the desire to make music, to experience it as a precious asset. Today my heart is filled with sadness, but I am consoled by the thought that you will still live in my music, and from today it will be even more beautiful to play because I am sure that every note of mine will be one of your smiles, one of those smiles that I will never forget , no one like you has smiled so much at Life!!!”.

And another moving thought, this time written by Anastasia Marchese: “Impossible to explain what you have been to me. I cherish our chats, laughs, dances in the middle of the street, great speeches about life and the future. ‘Life of my life’, that’s what you called me. The relationship built with you in the year spent together was a gift, the richest and most true I’ve ever had. A relationship of esteem and affection that has given me so much.
Now, even at the end, you have left me a great lesson: time is precious and we shouldn’t put anything off”.

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