Messina Medicine in English Campus Tour

Messina Medicine in English is a relatively new programme for international students looking to go to an international medical …


  1. There is news about change in the number of Imat exam questions, is this true? Which site can I verify?

  2. i can't apply for imat.
    I want to know which private med schools are available so that i can do there entrance and get enrolled..

    Does private med schools in Italy provide test centres for students from India??

  3. Please tell me about maseena university and part time jobs for international students in maseena city

  4. can you please tell me? cost of medical universities in italy for international students ?
    what is the cheapest med university ?

  5. Hello!!!🤓💐
    Help me, please. I received a bachelor's degree in medicine in Uzbekistan (Central Asia) for 6 years. Can I study for a master's degree at the Italian Medical University?

  6. Hi Serra would you please share the books you have read in first , second year up till now and you find those very sufficient and helpful for particular subjects.

  7. Hi Serra, Do senior students help the junior one or you have to handle all the study stuff all by yourself ???

  8. Thank uuu for all the Campus Tour videos!!!🥰 Looking forward to Bari Campus Tour 😍

  9. bro truly speaking , I'm subscribing almost 15 channels/ students studying in itlay whether medicine or something else , you video making art is super , this video is perfect , others just upload video with random things

  10. Hello brother, please guide me next.I have received pre acceptance letter from university of Messina for MBBS course what should I do next ?

  11. Hey!

    One question: Can you also transfer from other european medical schools (e.g. Poland) to upper years at universities in Italy?

  12. Hi Thanks for the video. If you are getting time can you please do a campus tour of the Medical School in Parma, Pavia, and Turin?

  13. Hi, I am thinking of applying to study medicine in Italy, I had a question about after you graduate from medical school. Are you able to come back to the UK and do your foundation training as normal or are more steps we need to take to do our foundation year in the UK. Also are all the medical schools in italy GMC accredited?

  14. Hi quick question is it required to submit the TOEFL and Dov during preenrollment on universitaly? also will a notarized english translation for my transcript be eligible or should I submit an Italian translation?

  15. university of sapienza also started dentistry program this year in english, please provide us more information

  16. How can I get across to Serra ? I have a lot of questions and need guidance please

  17. Thank you so much for this video.
    Please tell us about International Relations campus!