Messina, medical examinations for 185 traffic police. And the revocation of holidays and permits is triggered

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That of the competent doctor was one of the first appointments of the new mayor Federico Basile. He is the figure called, as required by law, to “health surveillance” of “employees exposed to occupational risks”.
In short, when there is a visit to be marked, it is up to the competent doctor.
The previous assignment had expired on December 15 last, so it was necessary to appoint the successor.
The choice fell – after joining the Consip agreement with the Sintesi Spa grouping – on Salvatore Abbate. Who is not only a doctor, but also a municipal councilor of Taormina, who in 2019 left the Democratic Party, in which he had been elected, to join Sicily Vera, the party of Cateno De Luca (and Basile), signing a “Pact” with the regional deputy Danilo Lo Giudice.
An appointment like many others, were it not that now one of the first assignments entrusted to the doctor Abbate, in the specific case by the general secretary-general manager Rossana Carrubba, it coincides with one of the first “incidents” between the new administration and the trade unions.
In recent days, in fact, Rossana Carrubba has sent a note to the commander of the municipal police, Stefano Blasco, inviting him to notify the medical sight notice to Ben 135 traffic police, between agents, officers and instructors.

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