Messina, maxi rear-end collision in the Telegrafo tunnel: an elderly woman died

Fatal accident in Messina. Due to causes under investigation, a maxi rear-end collision involved three cars at the entrance to the Telegraph tunnel, towards Messina, around 9.30 am today (10 August). In the impact, an 83-year-old woman, Anna Cucinotta, got the worst of it. passenger of one of the cars involved, which, after an initial intervention by the 118 health workers, arrived on the spot to provide first aid, was transferred to the Polyclinic where she died after her arrival.

On the spot some traffic police cars intervened to carry out the relevant findings and to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident. On the stretch of road, affected by the works on the Ritiro viaduct, traffic slowdowns have been created.

Last night, again in Messina, it occurred another road accident which resulted in seven injuries. TO Spadafora, at the height of via San Martino, there was a clash between two small cars. The injured, fortunately not serious, were transported to the hospital and also for this accident there were long queues of cars. Carabinieri and road accident personnel intervened.

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