Messina in light, the point on the new public lighting in the city – Tempo Stretto

Over 8 thousand light points have been replaced out of the 28 thousand planned. Reduction of consumption and emissions

28 thousand lighting points to be replaced in six years, a contract worth almost 40 million, slowed by post-tender disputes and periods of confinement, but now in full swing.

So far 8,134 have been replaced, out of 73 plants, with an average reduction in power per plant of 70%, from a total of 1,353 kw to 389 kw.

The savings

It involves a strong reduction in consumption, with a saving of about 300 thousand euros per year, and also in co2 emissions, up to now 162 tons per year.

To illuminate the city, the Municipality spent about 6 million a year in 2013, now reduced to 3.5 million, with the aim of reaching 2 million in 2025.

The works involved 148 of the 600 km of illuminated roads in the municipality, replaced a thousand supports and 20,000 meters of cables, renewed 7 of the 15 transformer cabins.

New tools

There are also new tools: the “Messina in light” application and the labels with QR codes (quick response, quick response) on the street lamps, to report faults. The construction of a monitoring system of the lighting panels for the real-time control of the plants is planned and the procedure for the preparation of the municipal lighting master plan has been started.