Messina, I was the only doctor to practice termination of pregnancy

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MESSINA. “Basically, being the only non-objector doctor in town, I can neither get sick nor go on vacation “.
To speak is Rosario D’Annadeputy director of UOC and of the specialization school of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the only “surviving” professional on the banks of the Strait to practice abortion, who comments on the “medieval” data of the city and province, explaining how, in several cases, to determine the decision of his colleagues are not ethical, moral or religious reasons: «Having an abortion, and therefore a curettage, from a professional point of view is not particularly rewarding.
I can say with certainty that many of the doctors on those lists are not “objectors”, but they have not been put in a position to work satisfactorily.
This is why they often give up due to tiredness and frustration ”, he explains, focusing specifically on budget problems and on the choices of Asp and hospital companies.
“You already do something unskilled that takes time away from other jobs, plus it ends up becoming an outcast service for a number of issues.
I don’t give the responsibility to doctors (after all it’s their choice), but who should protect them, perhaps thinking of some incentive ».
«If I can do it – he continues – it is only thanks to the help of the trainees, who are interested in these issues.
Fortunately this year I found a very sensitive group on the subject.
Alone I could never do it ».
A scenario, the current one, which therefore seems to be improving compared to that of two years ago, when the objectors, among the doctors in specialist training at the Polyclinic, were 16 out of 17 (official data provided by the hospital management).
“At the moment we are completely outlawed, as I was able to reiterate to the Health Director of the ASP – continues D’Anna – and frankly I do not understand why the feminist associations do not file a complaint.
Law 194 speaks clearly, and each administration should make up for the shortcomings, either with its own staff or by making specific agreements, as already happened in 1979 at the Sant’Angelo dei Rossi hospital.
At the time there were about twenty non-objectors, in a period in which, throughout Italy, there were a million terminations of pregnancy.
Now they are reduced to less than 100 thousand but it is obvious that there has been a return to resorting to clandestine abortions. Where should they go? If I were to be absent for holidays or illness, a girl could not do anything but try her luck in another province or in another region, but it is a dog that bites its own tail, considering that even in other latitudes the non-objectors are already overworked “.
But how many abortions are practiced every year in Messina? «I have one session a week, in which I follow a maximum of 5 people.
Potentially, therefore, we are between 200 and 220 cases. Until a few years ago here at the Policlino there were three of us to take care of it, now I’m alone ».
Bad news regarding too the “abortion pill” Ru486which gives the possibility to resort to a pharmacological abortion without surgery and in compliance with law 194.
Commercial name of the drug Mifegyne (Mifeprostone), arrived in Italy in 2009 (after years of postponements and controversies) but in Messina hospitals it is still a mirage.
“I applied in November.
Now we are waiting ».

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