Messina. Former Teatro in Fiera, Beninati also writes to Minister Giovannini

The coordinator for Messina “Lega Salvini Premier” ing. Antonino Beninati returns to the story of the demolition of the former Teatro in Fiera with a letter sent to the president of the Port Authority of the Strait, Mario Paolo Mega; to the mayor of Messina, Cateno De Luca; to the President of the City Council, Claudio Cardile, and also to the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini for information. The intent is to avoid the landscape destruction that the reconstruction of the building would actually produce in the city as is evident to everyone and our newspaper has repeatedly highlighted.

“The debate that involved the citizens of Messina on whether or not to rebuild a building to be used for the” Redevelopment and refurbishment of the offices of the entrance pavilion of the Messina exhibition center “, more simply, a project for a conference room and offices for the Port Authority, objectively highlighted an important modification of the landscape, exalting a scenario of environmental and landscape value, of which the city had never come to know.

The reconstruction of an existing building, which was the old theater which had no architectural value, through its demolition, has today opened a legitimate perplexity in the reconstruction of a structure, certainly of valuable architectural characteristics compared to the previous one but in contrast with the impact of the work from an environmental and landscape point of view.

The PRG of the Municipality of Messina provides in the Implementation Rules, in art. 18, that no reconstruction intervention can be foreseen if the PPE is not first approved as foreseen by the General Town Plan, a plan that the Municipality has never done.

In the Messina Port Regulatory Plan, the Implementation Rules are provided for in art. 1.5 which needs to create the PIO (Operational Framework Plan), extended to the whole WAT 2, which will have to identify the buildings to be demolished, to be restored, to be reconstructed and to identify volumes, sediments and heights of the new buildings, floor that the Port Authority to date has not done.

In both cases, the Regulatory Plans agree that in order to carry out new constructions within the former Fair area, it is necessary to create the Detailed Plan, which defines what and where to carry out demolitions and new interventions, in compliance with the existing airspace at the time. inside the area.

The demolition of the former Teatro in Fiera and its reconstruction on the same site causes an evident environmental and landscape impact.

After the demolition of the former theater, it was noted the obvious break that the former theater caused to the city of Messina, for over 50 years, precluding a scenario of high environmental and landscape value.

It is therefore believed that it is possible with the common sense and political will of the President of the Port System Authority of the Strait, the Mayor of Messina and the City Council, to repair this inattention, identifying a new location, of the building subject to reconstruction , inside the ex Fiera area.

This procedure involves a suspension of the works, to date only the demolition of the former Theater, identifying a new site, also through the demolition of old dilapidated structures that persist within the former Fair area (see Report of the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage and Environmental of Messina – year 2010-2013 about the maintenance and demolition of the buildings inside the ex Fiera area).

All this can be achieved with a variant in progress within 20% of the contract amount, subject to a rapid political sharing of the representative figures mentioned above.

This proposal will involve more time and costs in the execution of the works, but it is believed that the city of Messina deserves that the aforementioned interlocutors review the decision to rebuild as planned, on the same site, in order to maintain a landscape and environmental, which the city has rediscovered today.


  1. a) Immediate suspension of the works.
  2. b) Order, as required by law, a variant in progress within 20% of the contract amount, pertaining to the contracting authority, as required by the Special Tender Specifications, for the identification of a new site and the major works that follow.
  3. c) In identifying the new site, evaluate the possibility of demolishing old crumbling warehouses of no architectural value, as identified by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Messina and proposed by the architect. Antonio Virgilio in the speech of 04/04/2021 “Gazzetta del Sud”.
  4. d) Call a new Services Conference with the same actors in 2015 to approve the variant in progress.

It should be noted that the relocation of the site, as hypothesized by the architect Antonio Virgilio, will result in an easier use of the 2 car parks as envisaged in the Port Regulatory Plan ”.

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