Messina: extraordinary checks by the Carabinieri during the Easter weekend, two arrests and twelve complaints [FOTO]

April 6, 2021 12:30 pm

Messina: extraordinary checks by the Carabinieri during the Easter weekend: two arrests, twelve complaints and six people reported as drug users

Over the weekend of Easter and the day of Easter Monday, the Carabinieri of the Company Messina Center, supported by patrols of the Nucleo Radiomobile, have intensified checks along the main road arteries of the Peloritan capital and in particular checks have been set up in order to combat the sale of drugs and predatory crimes in general, with particular attention to compliance with the law anti-covid. During the services, in execution of two separate prison orders issued by the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal of Messina, the Carabinieri of the Ganzirri Station arrested the 56-year-old Messinese DR, as he will have to atone for the remaining sentence of one month of imprisonment for violation of the family care obligationsin addition, the Carabinieri of the Saponara Station (ME) arrested the 41-year-old PS, already subjected to the precautionary measure of house arrest, who will have to atone for more than 11 years of imprisonment as he was found guilty of association aimed at drug trafficking. Once the formalities were completed, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, the two arrested were translated respectively to the prison of Messina Gazzi and Caltagirone (CT). During the control activity, the soldiers of the Radiomobile Nucleus also proceeded, reporting them to the Public Prosecutor of Messina, against:

  • six people, between 20 and 53 years old, all from Messina, as responsible for disturbance of occupations or people, as identified, during road traffic checks, with a very high volume of the stereo of their car, such as to cause disturbing noises;
  • three people, respectively 30, 36 and 18 years old, stopped driving their vehicles and results in the biennial recidivism of the crime of driving without a license because never achieved;
  • a 32 year old from Messina, as he was held responsible for the crime of unauthorized carrying of objects capable of offending. The man, stopped and checked while driving a car, was found in possession, without justified reason, of a wooden stick about 85 centimeters long, kept inside the luggage compartment;
  • a 24 year old and a 28 year old from the capital, held responsible for the crime of “refusal to undergo health checks concerning the psychophysical state”, Opposed to the carabinieri during a checkpoint after being found in possession of modest quantities of drugs.

In addition, during the services, which were checked a total of 70 cars and 120 people, the Carabinieri raised 9 fines to the Traffic Laws and reported six subjects to the local Prefecture as employers of narcotic substances, since found in possession of modest quantities of cocaine, crack and marijuana.

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