Messina Denaro shows slight improvement but does not attend hearings.

Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro, who has been hospitalized since August 8th for intestinal obstruction surgery, is showing slight improvement in his overall condition. According to medical sources, the vital signs of the 61-year-old are good, and he is being fed through parenteral nutrition and receiving pain therapy. However, his condition remains serious due to the advanced stage of colon cancer. The former fugitive, who is being monitored by dozens of agents inside and outside the hospital, has requested sedation to alleviate strong pain. As a result, the doctors in charge have advised against allowing him to participate remotely in a scheduled hearing on September 19th. Messina Denaro is currently being treated in the pain therapy department, which is part of the intensive care unit, where he has been hospitalized for about three weeks following the surgery. His niece and lawyer, Lorenza Guttadauria, who recently discovered she is his daughter, visits him along with her young daughter after moving to L’Aquila due to the worsening of his condition.

Messina Denaro, lieve miglioramento ma non partecipa alle udienze

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