Messina Denaro several times by the doctors in Palermo, even for an eye examination

An eye examination in the outpatient clinic of the nursing home The Magdalene of Palermo: there is also a medical eye check, carried out in December of this year by the “patient Andrea Bonafede”, namely Matteo Messina Denaro, in the long list of tests that the Dda of Palermo, coordinated by the prosecutor Maurizio De Lucia and the adjunct Paolo Guido, has been carrying on since last Monday to reconstruct the movements and the complicity on which he was able to count. The fugitive Messina Denaro, on 27 December last, crossed the threshold of the health facility where he was already being treated for a tumor that affects the colorectal with the identity of the surveyor of Campobello di Mazara, who for 3 days was no longer visa in circulation in the country, before being placed under arrest. At the Madeleine, in via San Lorenzo, the fugitive mafioso-massacrer under chemotherapy treatment for cancer, underwent a medical examination of his eyes. Strabismus in the left eye is a problem that has afflicted Messina Denaro since he was young and which may have worsened over the years. A physical characteristic known to the investigators who hunted him down and which had also ended up in the identikit and in the hypothesized computer reconstruction of his face, with the possibility of how he had changed over the years.