Messina Denaro financed: hijacking assets to 3 entrepreneurs (ft and vd)


The Trapani Dia seized assets and current accounts attributable to three businessmen of San Giuseppe Jato, Ciro Gino Ficarotta, 67, his son Leonardo, 38, and his nephew Paolo Vivirito, 39, accused of having financed Matteo's inaction. Money Messiah. The seizure order was issued by the Court of Trapani – Criminal Section and Prevention Measures, at the proposal of the Dia Director.

The surveys made it possible to reconstruct the interventions of the mafia association, represented in the circumstances by the bosses Salvatore Crimi and Michele Guccidardi, in the management of a large operation, aimed at real estate speculation through the purchase, at a judicial auction, of a vast estate agricultural of over 60 hectares and the subsequent resale to the agricultural society due to the three entrepreneurs of San Giuseppe Jato.

The farm, owned by the partner of Antonio Salvo, grandson of the tax collectors from Nino and Ignazio …

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