Messina Denaro cannot return to prison, for now he remains in hospital in L’Aquila

Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro, who has been hospitalized since August 8th due to a worsening health condition and successful surgery for intestinal obstruction, remains in the intensive care unit at San Salvatore hospital. Sources from the healthcare and prison sectors have revealed that his advanced stage colon cancer is not compatible with incarceration. The 61-year-old former fugitive, currently held in a maximum-security prison, may be transferred to the prisoner ward at San Salvatore or the prison infirmary in the coming days. The management of his illness is being closely monitored by healthcare institutions and the state. There were plans to move him to a ground-floor cell space from the small room on the first floor, which he strongly opposed, possibly leading to protests. For now, he remains under constant surveillance by law enforcement in the normal ward. Messina Denaro’s lawyers had previously announced a request for release due to his deteriorating health condition related to his colon cancer.

Messina Denaro non può tornare in carcere, per ora resta in ospedale a L’Aquila

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