Messina: Death of Nico Zancle, Former Municipal Inspector, Actor, and Director

Yesterday our beloved father Nico passed away.” This is the sad announcement of Nico Zancle’s children, former inspector of the municipal police in Messina, but also a theater and cinema actor and director. He was 84 years old, but his passion for the show had never stopped. Among his productions are the movie “The sea, my life” and “Marshal Mancuso at the service of the democratic dictatorship.” Many people knew him, and dozens of messages are being left on social media to remember him and share the grief. The memory of writer Riccardo Di Pane is very touching: “With great emotion, I learned the sad news of the passing of Nico Zancle, actor and director from Messina, but above all, my dear friend. Nico was a Master, one of my mentors, and I will always remember his sweet character and his contagious enthusiasm, which he never lost despite his precarious health conditions. It was always a pleasure to participate as an actor in his radio dramas, and in his eyes, you could read the joy when he was informed of the exponential number of views obtained. Nico was this, absolute humility and a desire to live, so much so that we were already planning a future event together, and six days ago, when I heard from him for the last time, nothing foreshadowed this tragic ending. Today, our Messina mourns not only the person but also the artist who has been able to elevate our wonderful city to international levels, as indicated by his stage name Zancle. Thank you, my friend, for everything you have left us from a human point of view, because a person with your grace and style will never be seen again. We will miss you, have a safe journey.” Further, “Cultural association RDP Events, with great emotion, announces the passing of the famous actor and director from Messina, Nico Zancle, who has always been close to us and to whom the prestigious Career Award was conferred in one of our competitions. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family. Dearest Nico, we will miss you.” The funeral will be held tomorrow at 4 pm at the church of San Nicola in Ganzirri. He leaves behind his wife and three children, Giuseppe, Gianluca, and Ketty.

Messina: è morto Nico Zancle, ex ispettore della municipale, attore e regista

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