Messina, De Luca ready to lock up the city on May 1: “I will forbid everyone to leave the house”

“Since it is not appreciated that I have not placed any prohibition, and I have been very conflicted on this, for the 1st of May I will make an ordinance with which I will prohibit everyone from leaving the house”.

So the mayor Cateno De Luca, who this morning commented on the more than predictable groups of young people created yesterday in the city, in particular on the beach of Lighthouse tower. A scene by now habitual, especially on Sundays with good weather like yesterday’s, which however seems to surprise the authorities every time. “You can’t find a balance point – said the mayor -, I didn’t want to make an ordinance because I thought that people are exasperated, but no one is more exasperated than the entrepreneurs whose businesses are failing and the families who have lost loved ones “.

Messina, crowded beaches and squares for April 25th

Therefore, for next Saturday, “a total armor plating” is announced, from Torre Faro to the San Rizzo Hills. De Luca also said he was against the reopening of schools: “During the war we did not go to school, and this is even more dangerous than a war, because we do not see the bombs”. A case is cited, “personally encountered”, of a teacher who, without having communicated that he had contracted Covid, would have infected a hundred people in the school where he works.

The mayor also turns to Matteo Salvini: “Today you are in government, if some things they are doing are not good for you, just as they are not good for me, leave the government. But don’t make the mistake of exploiting people’s desperation ”.

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