Messina couple pays off mortgage but no home: debt reduced by 130,000 euros.

A family in Messina, Italy, has saved over 130,000 euros in mortgage payments for a house that was never delivered. Legal action, supported by the law firm Leone – Fell & C., and lawyer Giulia Giuffrida, led to a contractual revision and a proposal to reduce the original debt from 165,000 euros to 30,000 euros. This remarkable result not only provides a significant savings for the family but also a chance to start looking confidently towards the future. The case is one of many in the Torrente Trapani residential complex, where the construction remains unfinished, and homeowners are still paying mortgages for non-existent properties. The law firm aims to protect the rights of these families and find practical solutions to their real problems. Many families are still burdened with mortgage payments for undelivered homes, and debt reductions may still be possible for them. Such cases of injustice are unfortunately common, and it is our duty to protect these families.

Messina, pagano il mutuo ma la casa non c’è: il debito viene ridotto di 130 mila euro

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