Messina, Cinzia Coscia city coordinator of Forza Italia

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News in the political activities of Forza Italia in Messina.
Leave the blue citizen coordination Pio Amadeo and a woman is appointed in her place: Cinzia Coscia.
He also enters into citizen coordination Francesco Carrozza who will be the deputy coordinator.
Amadeo will be the new provincial head of relations with local authorities of Forza Italia Messina.
Cinzia Coscia is a dentist and chair holder for teaching some subjects such as Physiology, Pathology, Anatomy and others.
She will be flanked, in the role of deputy, by Francesco Carrozza who boasts various positions as provincial councilor in Messina and as municipal councilor in the city of the strait.
Pio Amadeo after two years leaves the leadership of the citizen coordination to fill the position of provincial manager for Relations with the local authorities of Forza Italia Messina.
After these appointments, the Forza Italia framework in Messina is completed.
The congratulations of the regional coordinator reach the newly appointed Azzurri in their new positions Gianfranco Miccichè with the best wishes for a fruitful work in the interest of the party and the city of Messina.

«I am honored – said Cinzia Coscia – of the political assignment that the leaders (friends) of Forza Italia wanted to confer on me.
I will face it with humility, commitment and passion, well aware of being able to count on the collaboration of the regional and national deputation, of all the members and of the many supporters.
I am comforted to have my friend Francesco Carrozza by my side who will certainly make his long and positive experience available to everyone.
On the occasion of the recent electoral competition we managed to form a team united by the founding principles of our party and proud of the consensus obtained.
We will work together to make them grow and to bring Forza Italia back to the deserved acclaim of the recent past ».


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