Messina, change of course on the management of the Tram: from dismantling to “restyling” and upgrading

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Messina. initiated by the Atm Spa the path that will lead to the modernization and strengthening of the city tramway. For the moment, therefore, construction of the monorail postponed to a later date

The Atm Spa of Messina sets in motion the process for the restyling of the tramway line. The “Framework agreement with a single economic operator for the performance of engineering and architecture services aimed at the functional upgrading and expansion of rapid mass transport” has been published in the Official Gazette since 9 September.

The action put on the table by the Municipality of Messina, the owner body, and Atm Spa, the managing body, aims to identify a single operator, who will have to provide for the strengthening, safety and architectural redevelopment of the tramway infrastructure.
The objective of the Municipality of Messina and ATM SPA is in fact to carry out a set of coordinated projects according to a single vision, by virtue of which the technical modernization will have to harmonize with the urban context within which the tramway is located.

The tram redevelopment projects will go hand in hand with the PUMS (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) and will be aimed at returning the city to a more efficient, safer and perfectly integrated tram network with the urban environment.

The development of the project park – stated president and general manager of ATM Giuseppe Campagna and Rup Giacomo Villari – it will allow a multiplier effect in terms of construction of works of about 30 million euros in the short term and over 90 million euros in the medium term. The project, whose tender amount is 1,636,000 euros, one of the most significant at the national level at present, and is co-financed with funds from the Pact for the Development of the Metropolitan City of Messina, FSC 2014-2020 ‘ Cura del Ferro ‘and revolving fund for the design of MIT infrastructures“.

To participate in the call published in the Official Gazette, interested parties will have until 2 October. Subsequently, we will proceed with the appointment and installation of the members of the Commission called to evaluate the applications presented and within the month of December the tender will be awarded, which will be the point at which the redevelopment path of the tramway desired by the Municipality of Messina and the ATM SPA can start.

This announcement – concludes Campagna – shows that the current administration led by the Mayor De Luca,