Messina. Case ‘Don Orione disabled’, the reply from the municipal administration

Failure to renew the agreement between the Municipality and the ASP of Messina on the management of the severely disabled in the ‘Don Orione’ center in Messina, which expired on 31 March; the committee session in which the municipal administration did not participate, have been at the center of a clash between the Municipality and the 5 Star Movement for days.

The latter, through the voice of the municipal councilors Cristina Cannistrà, Andrea Argento, Paolo Mangano and Giuseppe Fusco, through a note he had raised the issue of administrative non-compliance as follows: “A surreal story, starting from the absence of the institutions in the last committee session. The administration clarifies its political will once and for all. The institutions assume their responsibilities, guaranteeing the assistance and care of the most fragile citizens, for whom they have full responsibility, preserving them from the trauma deriving from the transfer and the secondment: a serious damage towards defenseless people who would surely be called to answer “.

Hence the reply from the municipal administration:

The 5 Star Movement does not miss an opportunity to exploit a delicate problem such as that of the serious and very serious disabled by Don Orione, despite the fact that during the Commissions that were held, also in the presence of the Secretary General, the terms of the question and the procedure were clarified. by law that can be used.

The Administration does not feel in any way “lashed” by the inconclusive attack put in place by the Movement 5, in the article published in the Gazzetta del Sud on 24.04.2021, in fact, their statements show a lack of understanding of the terms of the problematic and the intent to lobby to bypass compliance with rules and procedures.

First of all, it should be noted that the Administration has never shied away from confrontation but has always been present in the Council Chamber.

The Council Commission of 22.04.2021 was not to be held since all the documentation requested from Don Orione had not yet been received, this had been agreed by the Councilor Calafiore with the Russian Councilor who was to preside in place of Prof Bramanti.

However, inexplicably it was called anyway. The Russian Councilor therefore asked to formalize in a note what had already been verbally expressed by the Councilor for Social Policies in order to proceed with the revocation of the Commission which would have been useless given the lack of new elements.

Incomprehensibly, the Commission held the same, disregarding what was agreed, it seems appropriate to ask why the Councilors were in the classroom and not because the Administration was absent, which was not aware that the session would be held.

With regard to the reconstruction of the Don Orione affair, it must be clarified that the Administration has been active since the first days of January by asking the ASP for a meeting to address the problem, however all the interlocutions put in place have not only been discussed in the previous Council Commissions but also acquired in the acts.

It is clear that since several sessions of the Commission have been held, the problem of Don Orione has been deepened and is well known to all the Councilors as the Administration has repeatedly explained its competence according to what is established by the regulations in force.

In particular, a fundamental passage is reported contained in the note of 19.02.2021 also sent to the ASP to Don Orione, with which expressly: “the competence of the NHS and, in this case, the Messina ASP to cover the daily rate of the seriously disabled of the Don Orione Institute is reiterated, without prejudice to the willingness of the Municipality of Messina to contribute for a possible share that should be the non-exclusive competence of the NHS “

The Municipality of Messina together with the ASP, however, has activated the procedure provided for by art. 10 paragraph 3 of Law 104/92 in order to evaluate a project presented by the Don Orione socio-rehabilitation center, however, at present the requests made with the notes of 20.04.2021 and 23.04.2121 regarding the organizational standards, therefore it was considered appropriate to address the problem in the Prefecture and the meeting was already set on 26.04.2021.

The Administration as widely reiterated will do everything that the law allows and falls within its competence, the pentastellati stop making ‘politics’ on delicate issues and do not allow themselves to make insinuations on a problem that they have not even understood “.

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