Messina, Caronte ship returns to service after checks

“We took note with relief of the outcome of the molecular swabs to which all the crew members of the Cartour Delta were subjected and of the consequent green disc from the competent Authorities, which allowed us to put our ship”. So Caronte & Tourist communicated the negativity to the Coronavirus of the seafarers of the Cartour Delta crew who – unlike five of their colleagues – did not show any of the typical symptoms of Sars-CoV-2 infection but on whose health there was obviously great apprehension. The positive seafarers had been immediately disembarked and transferred to two different protected structures in Messina while the ship had undergone two different radical sanitation interventions. “The enemy – says Caronte & Tourist – confirms himself to be sneaky and treacherous. We have never underestimated him, so much so that already in the first days of the emergency, in March 2020, we adopted a very strict security protocol by setting up our own “Covid Team” which has often taken even more drastic decisions than those envisaged in government measures. This morning we agreed with the Maritime Health Office specific procedures for the Messina / Salerno line which, among other things, provide for the traceability of passengers, the intensification of the ship’s sanitation interventions and the carrying out of at least two swabs per week for the crew members. We will continue to monitor and operate to protect the health and well-being of our crews and passengers “.