Messina braciole – typical Sicilian recipe


Second courses

Do you also have the habit of calling "good" something "good"? If you are Sicilian / or like me surely, it ensures that here we start to eat with our eyes. The beauty and the good blend and intertwine and the sight, taste and smell make up a harmony of aromas and flavors to the point of not being able to clearly distinguish beauty and goodness. This is to say that Chops from Messina they are too good too. There is little to do, in any part of Sicily you find it difficult to eat badly.

It is a typical recipe of the city of the strait based on thin slices of meat, generally veal (although today you can find pure chicken, pork, swordfish) rolled in aromatized breadcrumbs and stuffed with diced Sicilian provola cheese, caciocavallo , parsley and garlic and breadcrumbs. Their characteristic is to be small, to be eaten at most in two bites and the thin slice of meat. Cooking takes place on the grill or, alternatively, on the plate after having skewered them with a spit.

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