Messina. Atm cleaning, another two days of strike – Tight Time

During the week meeting in the Prefecture. New stop and events on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13

After the first stop last June 21, with almost total participation of the workers, we are forced to go on strike for another 2 days”, Said Vincenzo Capomolla of SGB General Base Union.

The dispute concerns the cleaning service of ATM spa, contracted out to Zenith Services Group spa by the municipal company. “In the transition from the old company to the new ATM spa these workers, who for years had been managing the cleaning service of our buses and trams for years, have been forgotten. So now contracts usually of 10 hours a week, precariously with both hands, in fact less than 10 minutes for cleaning a bus. Of the 18,000 euros per month that ATM claims to pay Zenith for the contract, very little ends up in the pockets of the workers. And for cleaning, among other things in the middle of the pandemic, we went from 350 hours a week only for buses and trams to about 150 in which to clean offices, booths and all the spaces available to ATMs. In short, neither more nor less the usual story of contracts with related cuts to public services and workers. But here, now, we are right on the bone“.

Hence months of protests by workers organized with SGB, up to the first strike, last 21 June. That day, after the hearings in the municipal transport commission, the commitments of the municipal administration with the councilor Gallo and the opening of the ATM Campagna president, also the solidarity of all the company trade unions: “All good“, keep it going, “but commitments, openness and solidarity must be translated into concrete facts. Also because the procedure launched by ATM for the recruitment of 15 employees for maintenance and, in fact, cleaning, with the age limit of 30 years that imposes for participation, excludes these workers and, after years, also poses the mockery of unemployment. We repeat, welcome to the new hires, but for those who have already been working for years, among other things in these conditions and without even stopping in full pandemic, what? A good kick in the ass and unemployment? A municipal company like ATM, a question that we continue to ask the mayor De Luca, who is directly involved: is it okay?

This is why the two new days of strike, next Monday and Tuesday. “This is why we also visited the Prefecture during the week. Commitments, openness and solidarity, on the part of all, if they are carried away by the wind if they do not translate into concrete facts. So we, with the service for citizens reduced to a flicker, in full pandemic, and with the unlivable and more than precarious conditions in which the workers were forced, in a municipal public service, we certainly cannot stop“.

Together with the strike, Sgb announces two days of demonstrations on Monday and Tuesday.

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