Messina, advance of the terms of payment of pensions: the calendar for the months of March and April

February 23, 2021 11:01

Messina: for the months of March and April, as already done for the previous months, the advance payment terms of the pension accruals will be provided

With a note addressed to the Mayor Cateno De Luca, the Joint General Manager of Poste Italiane Giuseppe Lasco announced that following the Ordinance n.740 of 12 February 2021 of the Head of the Civil Protection Department, also for March and April, as already done for the previous months, the advance the terms of payment of pension accruals. To this end, Poste Italiane will continue to organize the activities of the network to protect the safety of its customers and employees to guarantee staggered and contingent access for users who wish to collect their pension from post offices and thus meet the needs of people more fragile. In particular, for the months of March and April, the advance of collections will take place respectively from today, Tuesday 23 February to 1 March 2021 and from 26 March to 1 April 2021.
Below are the details of the calendars, with the alphabetical subdivision of surnames:

For Post Offices open 6 days:

MARCH 2021
from A to B on Tuesday 23 February
from C to D Wednesday 24 February
from E to K on Thursday 25 February
from L to W Friday 26 February
from P to R Saturday morning 27th February
from S to Z on Monday 1st March

APRIL 2021
from A to B on Friday 26 March
from C to D Saturday morning 27th March
E to K on Monday 29 March
L to W Tuesday 30 March
from P to R Wednesday 3rd March
from S to Z on Thursday 1st April

In the case of post offices not open over 6 days:
Open on 5 days:
from A to C day 1
from D to G day 2
from H to M day 3
N to R day 4
from S to Z day 5
Open on 4 days:
from A to C day 1
from D to K day 2
from L to P day 3
Q to Z day 4
Open on 3 days:
from A to D day 1
E to O day 2
P to Z day 3
Open on 2 days:
from A to K day 1
from L to Z day 2

The list of offices authorized to pay pensions and related information on opening days are also available on the company website and on the toll-free number 800.00.33.22. Furthermore, following the agreement, still in force, stipulated between Poste Italiane and the Arma dei Carabinieri, pensioners from all over the country aged 75 or over who receive social security benefits at the Post Offices and who normally collect cash pension can request, delegating the Carabinieri to collect the pension, for the delivery of the pension at home for the entire duration of the health emergency. Finally, in the most critical sites in terms of potential customer influx, surveillance services will be provided outside the post offices to regulate access flows and avoid gatherings, as carried out in previous months, thanks to the already successful institutional collaboration, such as underlined by the Joint General Manager.