Messina, 402 migrants arrived: this is how the twenty-year-old Eritrean Wegihu died

The «Open Arms Uno» arrived shortly before 8.30 am with 402 migrants on board and the body of a 20-year-old killed before leaving Libya by a trafficker who forced terrified people to keep him on the boat. Yesterday the assignment after six days of waiting.

His name was Wegihu and the young man found dead in a boat with 59 migrants rescued by the ship of the Spanish NGO was Eritrean. His body, wrapped in a blanket, sailed for 24 hours in the boat until it was rescued. Some of the migrants said that when they were about to board in Libya, the smuggler hit the 20-year-old so violently that he lost his life and forced the others to take his body with them.

In the video, the report by Rosario Pasciuto for Rtp

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