"Memorial Antonello da Messina", awarded the first prize to the painter Gerlando Meli


Gerlando Meli was awarded to the Aragonese painter, who was adopted by Raffaele, the first national prize for painting at the 20th "Memorial Antonello da Messina". To assign the prize to the painter Meli was a qualified jury composed of the president Pietro Fratantaro, art critic of Messina, the secretary Serena Nicosia, Superintendency of cultural assets of Messina and Carmelo Fratantaro of Messina.

Recently the painter Gerlando Meli donated a painting to the singer-songwriter Gigi d'Alessio on the occasion of the release of his new CD presented at the shopping center Città dei Templi in Villaseta. The work donated to Gigi d'Alessio is from the informal abstract style entitled "Il Vesuvio". The songwriter liked the gesture of the Meli.

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