Memorandum Italy-Libya, Corrao (greens / efa): Inconclusive agreement

It was approved these days, at the Camera, the majority resolution that provides for the renewal of funding in Tripoli, and the participation of Italy in further international missions, with a view to greater collaboration with the Libyan coast guard, with the aim of gradually transferring the all to the European mission Irini. A decision, this of the renewal of the so-called ‘Italy-Libya memorandum’ withheld “shameful” by MEP Ignazio Corrao of the Italian delegation of the Greens / EFA, who takes sides against this choice, recalling how “we cannot remain indifferent, even more so after the latest news stories, without considering the repeated ones human rights violations in Libyan detention centers now documented by media and NGOs around the world “.” It’s a shame – explains Corrao – that we still continue to finance and collaborate with Libya, renewing their agreements and thus staining themselves with complicity and collusion with an unsafe country, the Libyan one, which repeatedly violates the human rights of these people. A real mistake, yet another, of this government that thinks of slowing down the migratory flow by offering second-hand patrol boats – which have unfortunately played a crucial role not only in the humanitarian tragedies of migrants, but also in the safety of our constantly threatened fishing boats. right from the patrol boats we offer – and military support to the detriment of human rights. A real gift to the Libyan authorities to which we as a group oppose, as they are inconclusive. We believe that Libya rather needs a real change, which can solve not only the migratory crisis, but also the economic one, perhaps by sending medical personnel and civil engineers, so as to reconstruct a semblance of a democratic state on the spot ” . – concludes Corrao.