Meloni-Salvini, the selfie and the toast in Messina: «Musumeci minister? We don’t talk about armchairs “

The most meaningful selfie of the election campaign shorter, impromptu and hot in Italian history, it is taken on the shores of the Strait of Messina and posted on Instagram at 2.30 pm on the profile of Matteo Salvini. The photo shows the number one of the league with Giorgia Meloni.

The presence of the two center-right leaders, on the same day and at the same times, in Messina, had made most people think of a desire to put a spoke in the wheel, in Sicily as elsewhere. This is why the shot becomes particularly important and the message “United we win” is what Salvini and Meloni want to send to the voters.

The leaders of Brothers of Italy and the League they had lunch together with the local tennis club, also present the candidates of the two political and regional parties. “Toast of friendship in Messina” underlines on social media Ignazio La Russa, the senator of the Brothers of Italy posted on Facebook a photo of the toast during the lunch between the Roman leader and the Northern League secretary. In the image, La Russa is standing with a goblet of red wine in her hand. Next to him, there are Salvini and Meloni sitting at the table. “It was a pleasant meeting – said the senator -. Between Giorgia and Matteo there is a cordial and sincere relationship. Then it is obvious that there are rivalries, but it is the normal competition that exists between leaders. They exist at the inside each party, let alone. It is more a controversy told by the newspapers or by rivals “. And he concluded: “They snatched an hour from their commitments and made a toast. It seems to me that both of them are willing to beat the left.”

On the other hand, it is no coincidence that the message is launched from Sicily where on 25 September there is a vote for the national Parliament but also for the Regionals: a game of joints and balances that led to resignation of Nello Musumeci and the race of Renato Schifani for Palazzo d’Orleans.

And Meloni also spoke of Musumeci and Schifani: “If the center-right wins, Nello Musumeci will become minister for the South? I’m not talking about seats before winning the elections, I’m a person used to fighting battles before winning them. what I am doing”.

And on the former president of the Senate: “The coalition in Sicily is compacted on Renato Schifani thanks to Brothers of Italy who for the sake of the unity of the coalition took a step back with Nello Musumeci who, in my opinion, deserved the candidacy” .

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