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MUSSOMELI – The new museum gallery could be called Minnella / Giuffrè, which could soon be realized in Mussomeli thanks to the will of the great photographer Melo Minnella and his wife, Maria Giuffrè, architect, to donate their rich heritage of artefacts and objects of art to the Manfredonian town collected in over sixty years of collection.

And on Monday the institutional visit to Palermo took place, where the Maestro resides, by the mayor Giuseppe Catania, accompanied by councilors Seby Lo Conte and Jessica Valenza. With them also the councilor Saverio Sciarrino.

The visit, postponed several times due to the pandemic, as we said, is aimed at preparing the process to realize the conspicuous donation of works of art to create an original museum itinerary and increase the cultural offer of the Manfredonian town. The problem at present is only of a logistical nature, given that it will be necessary to identify rooms large enough to accommodate the several hundred works and objects.

Yesterday the mayor of Mussomeli confirmed: “It was a very pleasant meeting and I discovered in Signora Giuffrè a delightful person. As mayor of Mussomeli I wanted to personally thank Melo and his wife for their decision to donate to our community the fruit of their lifelong passion, that is, to collect magnificent objects, true works of art. They then showed us a sample of what they could give us and we agreed that they will draw up a complete list because we are talking about ancient porcelain plates, sculptures in precious crystal and other objects that could give life to a Sicilian ethno-anthropological museum and not only that, since there are objects that come from distant countries. We are also doing a survey of the rooms available because our goal is to collect everything in a single environment, but it will not be easy. There are in fact precious panels of two meters by one meter, in total twenty panels, which alone take up a lot of space. We will see, in any case we will find the solution because it is a very noble gesture and Mussomeli cannot miss such an opportunity for cultural and patrimonial growth. “

Born in Mussomeli in 1937, Maestro Melo Minnella has lived in Palermo for a lifetime and among the objects to be donated, he also owns an authentic Sicilian cart.

His passion for photography blossomed early: “I was thirteen when my passion for photography began. Me and two other friends, now well-known chemists, were attracted by the photographic composition that came out using water and salt. It started like this“.

The Master tells us of his continuous travels to even remote places on the planet, of his love for his native Mussomeli and for Filicudi where he holidays in the summer dividing himself between the Aeolian island and Mondello, of his continuous commitments, of the next books, of the others. two exhibitions to be set up in October, of his privileged relationship with Leonardo Sciascia who edited the preface of his volume “Sicily in the eyes”.

My hope is that photographic culture will grow in Sicily too, as is already the case in England and France, and that the municipal and supra-municipal authorities will be able to recover those huge assets that are made up of the photographic archives of old photographers.“.

Melo Minnella’s passionate journey to discover that world begins in the 1950s precisely in Mussomeli, when Italy is in full rebirth and open to hope. And his shots are like paintings. Images that crystallize times and places and faces. Each photo is a spectacle in its own right, frames of fleeting moments that immortalize not only the moment but also colors and faces of the whole world. The art of Melo Minnella.

Initially ours is passionate about the archaeological sites that are certainly not lacking in Sicily and starts a widespread recognition of religious festivals and Sicilian folklore. He collaborated with the most important periodicals of the time, especially with Mario Pannunzio’s “Il Mondo”, a weekly that made school in Italian journalism. The marriage with Maria Giuffrè, historian of architecture, sets new directions in the choice of his photographic themes, among which the Sicilian Baroque is noteworthy. And since the 1960s, Melo Minnella has also focused his attention as a photojournalist on distant civilizations, especially oriental ones.

Among the most successful photographic books we mention only a few: Historic houses of Sicily, Castles of Sicily, Islands of Sicily, Cathedrals and churches of Sicily, La lapa, Easter in Sicily with a preface by Antonino Buttitta, Giacomo Serpotta, Sicilian memory, Images of popular religiosity, Journey to Sicily, In the Norman palace in Sicily.

He has also signed reports for prestigious tourism magazines such as Bell’Italia, Bell’Europa, Airone, Traveler, Dove, Tuttoturismo, Kalòs, Nuove Effemeridi, Ambiente 2000. He has exhibited in many Italian and foreign cities. He has taught photography courses at the Free University of Trapani and some of his books have also been published in the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Japan. He dedicated two volumes to his hometown: “Mussomeli and its territory” in 1990 in collaboration with Delia Parrinello and, in 2015, “The stone titan / Mussomeli and his castle”, in collaboration with the writer.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, the exhibition “Freewheeling“. And the exhibition was preceded by the conference organized by the “Ignazio Buttitta” Foundation entitled “Melo Minnella, artist of the world” at the prestigious Sala Delle Gathering of Palazzo Sgadari.

Soon the Manfredonian town could also host the Minnella / Giuffrè museum. (SOURCE SICILY: Roberto Mistretta)

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