“Mellichomeidos” Liliana of Naples from Messina tells the story of ancient Greece on Instagram

MESSINA. An Instagram profile entirely dedicated to the teaching of Greek, this is the idea of ​​Messina Liliana of Naples, PhD student in classical philology and tutor at the University of Messina, who launched “Mellichomeidos“, A social project entirely dedicated to the explanation of the Greek language and culture, from grammar to literature, passing through mythology.

“It all started because the guys I tutor often asked me to record the lessons so as not to miss them and from there I had a first flash” said the 29-year-old from Messina “at the same time I was contacted by a friend of mine who teaches Greek in a high school, he invited me to lecture his students to demonstrate that the classical world can also be told by young people, so I thought about social media. “

From there Liliana started her project which she intends to spread the beauty through the Internet “There are subjects who have built their fame on these means, but often the contents that are proposed are bleak. Why not bring the beauty in all its forms? For me a form of beauty is Greek, why not give it space “

“It all started with the intention of giving alone grammar lessons – explained the creator – then people started asking me to talk about the literature, that’s why I decided to share the lessons with my PhD colleagues Santina Zampaglione is Maria Rosa De Luca ”.

The profile three months after the start of his activity has 1,500 followers and five columns “besides the videolessons on grammar, during the week we dedicate one day to literature and another al tale of a classic myth. Then I explain them roots of Greek words, I start from a root, I make a summary list of reference words and comparison with Latin and derivation in Italian. In addition, with my colleagues we also combine the lesson with readings in Italian by the authors that we are going to explain. For example, we started reading Homer.”

“The audience of the profile is mixed, I think the followers are few by Instagram standards, but considering the theme I deal with I did not expect all this feedback. There are a lot of kids who watch lessons to review a bit, especially fourth and fifth year students. Literature, on the other hand, is also followed by my colleagues, it certainly interests a wider audience, from children who go to school to university students who have to prepare exams. “

The profile name comes from a Greek adjective meaning “With a honey smile“And recalls the idea of ​​the creator, that of spreading beauty in various forms:” is the adjective with which the poet Alceo addressed Sappho – explained Liliana – I chose it because during the first lockdown I participated in a live reading on the Instagram page ‘The sect of extinct poets’ and a girl told me that while I was reading I also had the ‘honey smile’, and it’s true, Greek is my great love, so it gives me a smile that the rest does not give me “

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