Meeting in the League of Serie A2 Basketball Clubs

The National Basketball League hosted the Serie A2 club meeting in Bologna. On the agenda: Evaluations for the 2020/2021 season; LNP Super Cup 2021/2022; Definition of the 2021/2022 season guidelines.All 27 clubs with the right to participate in the Serie A22021/2022 championship were represented at the meeting as per the list communicated by the FIP Agonistic Sector: Pallacanestro Biella, Orlandina Capo d’Orlando, Pallacanestro Cantù, J Basket Casale Monferrato, Benedetto Cento, San Giobbe Chiusi, Chieti Basket, Janus BasketFabriano, Kleb Basket Ferrara, Basketball 2.015 Forlì, Latina Basket, Stings Mantova, Urania Milano, Nardò basketball, Orzinuovi basketball, Piacentina basketball, UCC Piacenza, Pistoia Basket, Basket Ravenna , Eurobasket Rome, Blue Star Rome, Basket Scafati, Basket Turin, Basket Trapani, Blue Basket Treviglio, APU Udine, Scaligera Verona.Admission to the championship is strictly subject to a series of conditions, established by the FIP Agonistic Sector: – the clubs in a state of arrears will not be admitted to participate in the championship to which they are entitled; exclusions which, in any capacity, could occur.To these must be added, as an Associate, the acceptance of the specific Regulations of the National Basketball League. After the greeting of Federico Grassi, LNP vice president and lost his role for the promotion to Serie A of Napoli Basket (replaced in the position of the Board of Directors by Renato Pasquali of Pallacanestro Forlì 2.015), the structures of Supercoppa LNP were submitted to the companies, Italian Cup and championship formula. In detail. LNP Super Cup – Confirmed format with Final Eight (24-26 September 2021), qualification phase with the participants divided into 7 groups of 4 by geographical proximity: 3 one-way races, the first plus the best second pass. First match scheduled between 8 and 12 September (in agreement between the Clubs), subsequent rounds on 15 and 19. Coppa Italia – Confirmed the format of the Final Eight, the first four classified at the end of the first round enter it , in the two groupings. Assumptions of dates on the second or third weekend of March 2022. Championship formula – With the championship returning to 28 teams (with one repechage), two groups of 14 will be formed. Some options have been evaluated by the companies that take into account geographical and logistical criteria. Three different options related to the clock phase were also analyzed, in traditional and full format (6 races), reduced (4) or canceled. As an appendix to the 26 home / away match phase First day Sunday 3 October. At the end of the regular season, the double playoff draw was confirmed for the two promotions in A. And playout to establish two of the four relegations in Serie B (the last of the two groups drop directly). The results of the opinions expressed by the Clubs will be analyzed by the LNP Board of Directors and subsequently brought to the attention of the FIP Agonistic Sector which organizes the championships. Then conferring its validity with the inclusion in the DOA for the 2021-2022 sports season. The president Pietro Basciano, thanking and congratulating the Associates for a season completed with sacrifices but great seriousness on the part of the Clubs (99.2% of the races played among the 480 on the calendar, among these 92% without Covid-19 incidences and 83% on the scheduled dates) reported on the state of the work of the 4.0 Committee relating to the requests of the member leagues in comparison with the institutions, and in particular with the Undersecretary for Sport, Valentina Vezzali. On the table, the confirmation of the fund as a tax contribution, the reimbursement of health costs incurred by the clubs for the anti Covid-19 tests and public access to the facilities for the next season. At the moment the request is to increase to 50% of the capacity, with the full support of the president of the FIP Gianni Petrucci, and an additional evaluation linked to the position of vaccinated and tamponed. The final decision will be affected by the assessments on the progress of the pandemic by the Ministry of Health.