Mediterranean without rules, Messina Europe stops the fish war

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The secretary of the Ugl Sicilia on the disputed sea without rules: “The EU is not very effective today”.
Sicilian fishing boats take a big risk, international cooperation agreements are needed

PALERMO – There is war and it would be necessary to acknowledge it with concrete answers.
Over many years, words have been wasted, as well as declarations of intent, but the sea remains a daily challenge for Sicilian fishing boats.
And the disputed sea of ​​the Mediterraneanrich in fish but without rules, with the Libyan authorities, but not only, who often pass to the de facto streets.
They fire on boats and when they can they seize them.
L’Ugl Sicilia is tired of words and declarations of intent.
But he doesn’t do propaganda.
The problem is complex.
Its regional secretary Giuseppe Messina He also knows him well because he is from Mazara and in his city there is the first navy in Italy.

Why can’t the fish war be stopped? Is there anyone who makes money?
“Simple, delimiting the borders on the high seas is not like raising a wall to define the ownership of a land.
Yet the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea adopted in Montego Bay on 10 December 1982, and introduced in Italy in 1995, outlines the legal framework on which maritime space is structured from a judicial point of view.
is the international treaty that defines the rights and responsibilities of States in the use of the seas and oceans, defining guidelines that regulate negotiations, the environment and the management of resources.
In the Mediterranean for over seventy years we have passively witnessed the raids of pirates, or soldiers, with specific orders to seize Sicilian fishing boats, often and willingly blocked in international waters.
And it is precisely here that the question of the fish war originates.
The Tunisians have closed a stretch of sea outside their territorial waters known as Mammellone by unilaterally deciding to ban fishing for the Sicilian fleet without extending the same limit to national fishing boats.
Libya, in 2005, proclaimed a Fisheries Protection Zone that extends for 62 miles from the 12-mile outer limit of territorial waters, including the Gulf of Sirte closure line, as well as having established, by unilateral act , the Exclusive Economic Zone of 200 nautical miles in 2009 with no notification gap to the international community.
And expanding the reasoning, the scenario that could emerge is worrying because if all the riparian states established their own EEZs there would no longer be areas of international waters, considering that in no point of the Mediterranean the coasts of the frontist states are more than 400 miles apart.
There is no more time to waste and the question of the fish war, within a complicated, liquid Mediterranean scenario of great instability and conflict, can no longer be postponed.
The European Union, which expresses foreign policy for the adhering countries, would do well to identify times, methods and procedures for the definition of international cooperation agreements also for the regulation of fishing activity in order to try to prevent events that could lead to dramatic situations “.

Political question that Europe must resolve?
“It is clear that the issue is purely political and the European Union can no longer escape its role as interlocutor through the external dimension of its common fisheries policy.
Who earns it? In the case of the hijacking of the Medinea and Antarctic fishing boats, which lasted 108 long days, it was General Haftar who earned international recognition from the Italian side to spend in an attempt to gain accreditation in the international community to get his hands on the government of all of Libya still in civil war.
The Tunisians, the story goes, have always used the seizures of Sicilian fishing boats to obtain weapons during the period of the war of liberation from France, or, more recently, economic aid, know-how, aid in infrastructure, training “.

His Mazara is at the center of international dynamics also for the Gasdotto case.
A resource to be exploited? Or are the risks more real?
“The Russian-Ukrainian war caused a human tragedy of as yet uncountable dimensions and rewrote political and economic history.
The instability in the Mediterranean is measured by unrest and continuous attempts of military coups in the countries of the Sahel, in Asia Minor and the risk also exists among the Maghreb states, our opposite.
Energy prices have skyrocketed and out of control.
The objectives of ecological and energy transition also pass from the enormous production capacities expressed by the many fields discovered in the Mediterranean.
The game on Russian crude oil is being played on the shoulders of the workers of the petrochemical center of Syracuse where the Russian company Lukoil operates and I hope that, to remain with the question, that none of this will happen in Mazara del Vallo and that if anything the connection will be strengthened.
with Algeria through the gas pipeline, given the lack of supply in our country due to the war in the heart of Europe.
The ongoing political crisis in Algeria does not bode well but every possible effort must be made, and let us return to the role of Europe in the Mediterranean so far not very incisive, to stabilize the decisive Mediterranean quadrant, as history reports, for the world balance of the next years”.

However, Europe has struck a blow on insularity with the vote of Parliament.
“The approval of the resolution constitutes a change of pace in the European policy of economic, social and territorial cohesion.
And then finally the goal of placing the question of insularity at the center of the European political agenda was achieved, managing to impose new parameters in community interventions on taxation, transport, environment, energy, health, education and vocational training, tourism, migration.
, waste, digital.
it is clear that between the demands for rebalancing and the compensation measures that will be required, through the resolution, it will also be possible to protect the interests of Sicilian fishing companies and fishermen ”.

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