Mediterranean, the Convention on rights is signed in Palermo. Orlando: “20 countries united to build”

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Palermo will host from 18 to 19 March eighty representatives of associations, local authorities, personalities from the world of culture, institutions and the Third sector from 20 different countries of the Mediterranean for the signature of the Convention of rights in the Mediterranean: a paper drawn up from below – the result of a year and a half of work and 14 thematic tables – which establishes a AGREEMENT among the citizens of these countries for the creation of a Permanent network of comparison and collaboration able to “restore centrality to the Mediterranean identity” and make it a “space that creates humanity and participatory democracy”.

A document of shared values ​​but also an operational tool to initiate common actions on thehospitalityof the use of common goods and of sustainabilityon respect for human rightsfrom the gender equality and on the freedom of information.

Conceived by the association “Another story” founded by Rita Borsellino, the project sees the mayor of Palermo in the front row Leoluca Orlando and the Metropolitan city of Palermo, the “Italian-Tunisian Forum “ and the International Association “Agora of the inhabitants of the earth “.

Other mayors of Sicily and Sardinia, numerous third sector actors and personalities from the culture and associations of twenty countries then found themselves around the idea: Israel, Palestine, Libya, Turkey, Lebanon, Spain, Bosnia, France, Malta, Greece, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Albania, Macedonia, Kurdistan, Italy.

After the 2015 Palermo Charter which henceforth affirms the right to free mobility of people, the signature of the Convention on the rights of the Mediterranean it represents a new important step for the construction of a Mediterranean of Peace, at a time of great international tensions.
Theater of the signing of the Convention on March 19th starting at 9 am, it will be the Cinema De Seta inside the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa. A meeting open to the press and during which all signatories will be able to speak by introducing themselves briefly. The Convention translated into three languages ​​- Italian, French and Arabic – will be signed by the first eighty subscribers to then be disseminated to other organizations.

Among the local authorities that signed the document with their mayors are the Municipalities of Syracuse, Ferla (Sr), Caltagirone (Ct), Monterosso Almo (Rg), Pozzallo (Rg), Favara (Ag), Santo Stefano di Quisquina (Ag ), Mazara del Vallo (Tp), Troina (En), Stintino (SS), and the deputy mayor of Reggio Calabria.

Rediscover the Mediterranean – they point out Alfio Foti and Emanuele Villa, respectively coordinator and president of Another story – that is, the capacity for interaction and exchange, cooperation and solidarity, is more than ever a priority today.
It means protecting the rights of every subjectivity and every people in a context of peace and restoring centrality to the Common Goods by guaranteeing their collective ownership.

“Palermo confirms itself as a city of hospitality and respect for human rights – says the mayor of the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Palermo Leoluca Orlando – This Convention is an unprecedented initiative because despite being supported by many cities, it comes from the civil society of 20 countries bordering the Mediterranean.
It is the continuation of a path that has distinguished our city on an international level for years now.
A further commitment to ensure that the Mediterranean is no longer a sea of ​​death but a liquid continent that unites peoples.
I believe this is the profound meaning of a document shared by many countries, associations and mayors, united to achieve a single goal: to build together a Mediterranean of peace.“.

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