Me against You at the box office is better than Avatar, “but we remain ourselves”

“When I grow up I wish I was like you and by far the nicest compliment we have ever received. A phrase that is often said to us by the little ones: it fills us with joy to know that we are a source of inspiration for the new generations. This energizes us to face life with positivity, urging us to do better and better». Luì and Sofì – born Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia – the 2 engaged couple aged 30 and 25 originally from Partinico, in the province of Palermo, known to the children’s public as «Me against You», in just 5 days ousted from the 1st place of the Italian box office a giant like “Avatar – The Waterway” by Disney with their 4th film “Jungle Mission”, which in the 1st weekend of programming has already recorded a collection of almost 2.5 million euros.