Mazarin: mayor closes all schools with his own ordinance pending confirmation from the Region

The mayor of Mazzarino Vincenzo Marino communicates: “Today, as you know, I had the opportunity to discuss the whole day with the leaders of the ASP, in the early morning I sent a note to the ASP regarding the concern about the reopening of schools , given the continuous increase of contagion … We have worked in concert until now and just a few minutes ago, I sent a note with attached documentation regarding the epidemiological situation of our city, sent to me by the ASP to the president of the Sicilian region, Nello Musumeci, therefore I am awaiting a response from the region, while I am waiting I inform you that, in accordance with the councilor’s note of April 6, 2021, protocol 1147, concerning the reopening of schools of all levels, the commissioner La Galla writes: ” however, the mayors have the right, where conditions of exceptional spread of the virus and high risk to public health are documented, to derogate, in the ro ssa, to the aforementioned provisions, providing, in the ordinances to be issued, the possibility of recourse to distance learning for schools of all levels, subject to the acquired and motivated opinion of the competent health authorities. ” Having therefore received all the documentation, as mentioned above, in the late evening from the ASP, with trade union ordinance number 14 of 07 April 2021, I order the suspension of teaching activities in attendance from 7 April 2021 until 14 April 2021 and in any case subject to extension in the event of failure to decrease the epidemiological curve, of all schools of all public and private levels and levels. Today we record another 15 cases of covid-19 positivity. The total therefore is 141 positive subjects, in compulsory home isolation, I add that the swabs have not yet been all processed, so the numbers will probably increase tomorrow. As for vaccinations, as mentioned in recent days, they will be carried out on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April, at the Santo Stefano hospital, from 9.00 to 14.00 … Saturday 10 April, the subjects who return will be subjected to the Astrazeneca vaccine in the age group from 70 to 79 years, the teaching staff and the police … The vaccines available for Saturday 10 April are still 61, while as regards Sunday 11 April, the over 80 and extremely vulnerable subjects, there are only 2 vaccines available for this category. You can book through the portal … vaccinations at the Santo Stefano hospital will be possible until tomorrow, Thursday 9 April, until 6 pm. Strength and courage! “