Mazara: Registro dei Borghi Marinari for Sviluppo (Mazara: Registry of Fishing Villages as Development Tool)

The regional assessor for Agriculture, Mediterranean Fisheries, and Rural Development, Luca Sammartino, emphasized the importance of not forgetting traditions in the fishing industry, even as technological innovation becomes crucial. He stated that the Reimar, a registry of Mediterranean fishing identity and coastal villages, is an essential tool for protecting the identity of Mediterranean fishing. The registry was discussed at a meeting promoting the quality, certification, traceability, and transparency of Sicilian fish markets. The Reimar project aims to conserve the intangible heritage of fishing and promote local integrated tourism. Various stakeholders, including representatives from the fishing industry and cultural tourism organizations, expressed satisfaction with the project. They emphasized the significance of recognizing and supporting coastal villages, even those where fishing may have lost economic importance but still hold cultural value. The Reimar project was inspired by Expo Milan, which highlighted the global interest in preserving traditional practices at risk of disappearing. The registry offers visibility and promotion for coastal villages, with a support system for local administrations. The importance of community participation in the protection of the fishing industry was highlighted, and the meeting was seen as a positive step in raising awareness and encouraging active involvement.

Mazara, il registro dei borghi marinari strumento di sviluppo

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