Mazara: Marisa Leo’s friend speaks – “She was fragile and stubborn. I have never seen her cry.”

In April of this year, Marisa Leo was happy and met with her friend Antonella Lusseri at the Vinitaly event. They saw Marisa’s ex-partner there as well. The relationship lasted until June, and over the summer, Marisa spent time with her family. Antonella reached out to Marisa in a message asking about Angelo, and Marisa responded with “as usual”. Antonella describes Marisa as someone who never cried but remained silent during difficult times. Marisa supported Antonella during her emotional struggles and dedicated Tina Turner’s song “The Best” to her, telling her to listen to it when she’s feeling down and reminding her that she is wonderful. Antonella recollects a special evening spent with Marisa at Salemi Castle, where they dressed casually in green to celebrate a professional accomplishment. Marisa carried the desire for a love that was struggling, and she encountered the wrong man who manipulated her with a false sense of beauty. She saw Marisa as tenacious and determined, seeking help but Antonella reproached her for trying to solve the problem by following him. Marisa, like other independent women, knew how to navigate life on her own and didn’t need support, but she sought it in hopes of finding another solution. Marisa attended courses, read books, and searched for a solution to her torment and pursuit of love. She was fragile but stubbornly in love, and she didn’t catch the right train to change her destiny. The only fault she had was loving the wrong person, as her friend concludes.

Mazara, parla un’amica di Marisa Leo: «Era fragile e testarda. Non l’ho mai vista piangere»

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